Design Your Own Signature Scent At The Nantucket Perfume Company

Design Your Own Signature Scent At The Nantucket Perfume Company

Do you love perfume, but can never seem to find that perfect scent?

Every fragrance smells a bit different on each individual's skin, so in order to find the scent that's right for you, head to The Nantucket Perfume Company where thousands of scent are ready to be sampled and mixed.

As the name suggests, the whimsical little shop is located on the island of Nantucket.

With glass bottles lining the walls, you may feel as if you are conjuring up a potion, but the friendly staff are there to help.

Unlike commercial perfumes, all the scents at The Nantucket Perfume Co. are made using perfume oils for a more natural, longer-lasting scent.

Not only will the fragrance linger for eight to 12 hours, it takes just a single drop to get the desired effect.

Combined with the fact that there are no fillers, a 0.25-ounce bottle of perfume from The Perfume Co. lasts as long as three four ounce bottles of conventional spray perfume.

Best of all, your custom-made bottle of perfume or cologne is just $45.

Perhaps you'd rather stick with an iconic scent? No worries. The Perfume Co. also recreates famous scents such as Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chanel No. 5.

Visit the Nantucket Perfume Company's website for more information and to view their hours (which change by season).


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