David Price doesn't want to be an All-Star

David Price doesn't want to be an All-Star

For those of you who were wondering, the answer is no.

David Price, apparently does not want to be an All-Star.

David Price does not want to go to the All-Star game this year. He does not want to pitch in it. He wants nothing to do with it. In fact, he didn't even vote for himself to pitch in it this year, according to ESPN.

Price, you see, is a smart cookie. Astros manager AJ Hinch is managing the AL All-Star team this season and the Red Sox could face the Astros in the playoffs this year.

"I feel like if he did (select me), it would just be to get me to throw an extra inning," Price said, per the Boston Herald. "And that would be a pretty pro move on his part. I'll come up with something, if I am an All-Star, so I won't have to pitch. I'll play a lot of Fortnite the night before, so I'll be down (unavailable)."




Glad someone had the nerve to say it out loud.

Why should these guys want to sacrifice the three days they get off in the middle of the season to play in a baseball game that doesn't count for anything? Hmm...? Hmm...?

Bert Blyleven was only an All-Star twice and he made it into the Hall of Fame, so don't give me that. Price makes a good point here. Sure, he made a great joke and that can't be overlooked, but the substance of what he says is true. Why should he put an extra mile on his arm for no reason? Is it so that he'll be a little more tired pitching against the Astros in the playoffs this year?

Yeah, pass on that please, Hopefully, Price starts a movement here. It has to be done.

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