Dan Gilbert says Kyrie will leave Boston

Dan Gilbert says Kyrie will leave Boston

If Dan Gilbert is a man we can trust, then this is huge news

If not, then it is nothing. So it all comes down to how much faith we put into the Cleveland Cavaliers front office. That's right: we're talking about the Kyrie Irving situation.

The guard is set to become a free agent following this NBA season's end. So the question is: will the Boston Celtics re-sign him or nah?

So that's where Gilbert comes in. Here's what he had to say about the whole debacle. He told the Cleveland Plain Dealer, “I don’t know, but I think Kyrie will leave Boston.”

Now this is a guy who dealt with Irving in the past. Remember, it was his disdain for LeBron James which led the Cavs to deal him to the Celtics in the first place.
What's clear is the mix of guys the Celtics had this year just didn't work. They did not deliver against the Bucks in the playoffs despite the high hopes fans had for the team headed into the year. It's fair to chalk the year up as a major disappointment.

So here's the question now: how much of that are people going to say is on Kyrie? He took a bunch of shots against the Bucks and didn't make 'em, but he had a productive regular season (23.8 points, 6.9 assists, 5.0 rebounds). That said, he was a major reason as to why they got as far as they did in the first place.

The question remains: would Kyrie want to come back to Boston? As someone who does not live in Kyrie's head, it is hard to say. We'll have to see what kinds of offers he receives come free agency time. He'll be rich regardless, so he should be happy wherever he ends up.

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