Dairylicious Story of Stonyfield Farm

Londonderry, New Hampshire’s very own Stonyfield Farm is a landmark location when it comes to American food pride. What Samuel Kaymen and Gary Hirshberg primarily began as an organic farming school in 1983 has culminated over the years to become America’s best selling organic yogurt brand and number-three overall yogurt brand. The dairylicious story of Stonyfield farm is definitely worth a shout-out.

Stonyfield Farm

Known for its mighty delicious taste, organic and healthy ingredients and environment friendly efforts, Stonyfield farm is a company that has expanded globally and ventured into markets in France, Canada, Ireland and beyond in association with other brands. In the east coast, it is a supplier of most of Trader Joe’s yogurts.

From 2003 onwards, about 85% of the Stonyfield Farm shares belong to Groupe Danone (a French based food company) and the brand continues to relentlessly expand its giant range of yogurt, cream and milk products; namely YoToddler, YoKids, Oikos, YoBaby etc.

Stonyfield Products

In a time when packaged food is under constant scrutiny, Stonyfield farms produces yogurt that has been loved by all for its creamy versatile flavors, without using artificial hormones, toxic persistent pesticides and GMOs. They are a brand known for prioritizing the health of their customers greatly. Along with this lies their staunch commitment to protecting the environment through sustainable endeavors. The company gives 10% of its profits to environmental causes through the ‘Profits for the Planet’ program and they have adopted various methods of production that minimize environmental damage.

Some of their known efforts include being the first US manufacturer to offset all GHG emissions from facility energy uses (1997), converting waste to biogas through wastewater treatment (2006), introducing yogurt cups made from plants (2010), among other ongoing initiatives.

Therefore not only is it worth it to buy their products because of their great quality but also to help save the environment. Truly a dairylicious company that is a consumer, New Hampshire and New England pride!

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