Curt Schilling officially endorses Trump

Everybody stop what they’re doing and pay attention: Curt Schilling said something.

Sometimes, what he says might shock some people. But when he officially endorsed Donald Trump, it was not one of those instances. But Curt felt the need to write up his endorsement on his blog .

Now, I didn’t actually read the Schilling endorsement. But it has a lot of words in all caps and looks like something he probably took a few hours to write. It seems weird that he’d feel the need to write about it though because anyone could have guessed he would be voting for Trump in the same way they would have known Katy Perry and Russell Brand‘s marriage wouldn’t last. But you’ll still hear Schilling roar.

Seriously though, Schilling is out of the job at ESPN so he has nothing to protect. He does not even have to try to act professional anymore. Schilling loves the spotlight and he won’t be going away from it anytime soon. No one can fire him for his opinions, so if he was holding back at all before, he won’t be anymore.

Schilling is the second member of the 2004 World Series team to officially endorse Trump. Johnny Damon was the first.

It does not really matter who they are voting for because the only votes that matter from the 2004 Red Sox are who Brian Daubach, Abe Alvarez and Brandon Puffer are voting for.

The question remains though: at what point will people stop caring about what Schilling has to say? Clearly, he was a top-notch big league pitcher and he made a lot of fans in his time in Philly, Arizona and Boston.

The answer seems to be: as long as he has the internet as he medium, he will be the center of attention. He’d be perfect for Sirius XM Satellite Radio. “Schilling Uncensored” could be the name of his show. He’d be like the love child of Howard Stern, Mike Francesa and Kirk Minihaine. And yes, Schilling would probably talk about polygamy on his show.

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