Curt Schilling canned by ESPN

(Oct. 16, 2008 - Source: Elsa/Getty Images North America)
(Oct. 16, 2008 – Source: Elsa/Getty Images North America)

ESPN probably does not take too kindly to jokes about trans people.

Curt Schilling is known for a lot of things — some good, some bad and some really depend on where people stand on the political spectrum.

Schilling made himself plenty of fans as the Red Sox ace in 2004, going 21-6 with a 3.26 ERA in the regular season. He even pitched game six of the ALCS with a stitched up ankle and helped the Red Sox to a win.

He has also made himself plenty of enemies. And a meme he shared on Facebook about his views on trans people choosing which bathroom they use did it for ESPN. They decided to terminate his contract. They fired him. Stick a fork in him. He’s done. Yesterday’s news. All over. Adios. Au revoir. Auf wiedersehen.

Yes. I did just go there.

There seems to be a lot of bias on both sides of people taking sides of what they believe. But the fact of the matter is, he won’t be working at ESPN. And it seems almost strange that this is what did it for Schilling. Everyone knows by now that he is no stranger to letting people know what he thinks. ESPN should have known that by now. He was suspended back in August when the Bristol based company did not like one of his other opinions.

Here’s what Schilling wrote. Mainstream media is eating him alive with their opinions.

He might not have a job. But this will not be the last of Schilling.

A lot of former players go away only to never be heard from ever again (I still have sleepless nights wondering what Craig Hansen could have been and how Mark Bellhorn kills time). Clearly, Schilling is not one of those people. He seemed to enjoy his time in Boston’s big market and does not seem ready to leave it.

Like it or not, you’ll probably hear about Schilling doing something online again two months from now — if not sooner. And you’ll be interested because he was such a good pitcher because let’s be honest, if Lars Anderson and Jonathan Van Every were to post the same thing on Facebook, no one would care. If it were Devern Hansack, on the other hand, now we’re talking…

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