Coed Naked: A 90's Classic Renewed

Coed Naked: A 90's Classic Renewed


Coed Naked is a classic New England brand that started in the 90's. Featuring edgy, funny, and head turning designs Coed became a household name.  With only a bank loan, a trademark and a little bit of controversy, Scott MacHardy and Mark Lane created a successful brand that every high school & college student had to have. With slogans like "Coed Naked Lacrosse: Rough, Tough... and in the Buff!", parents and teachers were appalled by the trendy T-Shirt companies risqué double entendres. Some schools banned the tee's and many parents wrote letters of disapproval to the company. But that didn't stop teenagers across the U.S. from wearing them to school every day. Ultimately, it seems as though this was the biggest draw of the fun shirts for most kids. When your parents would say no, it just made you want it more, right? 

In partnership with Coed, Chowdaheadz is proud to re-launch the famous brand which will include some of the classics and some updated designs. Featuring edgy, funny, and head turning phrases, we hope to encompass the light hearted nature of the legendary New England brand with our own spin.  This collection will grow over time based on customer feedback:)  As usual our tees are always in stock & ready to ship wicked fast. 

Check them out: 

Coed Naked Baseball

Get Wicked Dirty & Score! Baseball is all about who has the dirtiest uniform and can bring it home right? When the pitcher is a belly itcher, and you are standing on second dreaming about third this tee will get you there! This soft gray T-Shirt features a Baseball design behind Boston's iconic skyline. The slogan brings added humor and a light hearted appeal to our collaboration with Coed Naked. 


Coed Naked Tailgating

Have Some Fun Around The Rear End. That's right, grab a few dogs and let's get this party started.  The action is not in the front, it's in the back! Our soft navy tee features a tailgate design including only the essentials: beer cooler, grill, solo cups and a football.  

Coed Naked Camping

Pitch a Tent and Rough It!  If you find yourself naked in the woods the best thing you can do is pitch a tent for survival.  This soft gray T-Shirt is perfect for the outdoor lovers, literally. With a humorous tent design, it shows off just what you might have in mind for a fun night out in the woods. 

Coed Naked Lacrosse

Rough Tough & in the Buff! Enough of the funny business, it's time to grab your stick and get at it.  This is an all time classic tee that is a must have for any Lacrosse lover! Our soft gray tee features two red lacrosse sticks and a ball emblem between. 
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