Chris Sale is back!!!!

Chris Sale is back!!!!

Red Sox fans, you should be pumped up right now.

A healthy Chris Sale is just what the Red Sox need and that's just what they have right now. It's not even the playoffs but in the words of Dennis Eckersley, "IT'S TIME TO PARTY!"

Sale made his first "start" back off the disabled list Tuesday and threw a clean inning as he struck out a pair of batters. He also threw an inning in the bullpen afterwards and according to the Red Sox broadcast, it was essentially the equivalent of throwing 48 pitches on the day. So basically, they were being a little cautious with him as he works his way back into the mix.

Now, the guy has a 1.96 ERA in 24 starts this season. There is one word to describe that level of success: insane. I don't care if he's gone to the DL a few times this season, that's Cy Young Award level stuff. If the Red Sox didn't have him, they might not have the best record in baseball (key word might).

What was also interesting about the Chris Sale start on Tuesday is that they went with the ol' Tampa Bay Rays strategy and by new, I mean what they've been doing since May. Sale threw an inning. Brandon Workman threw an inning and then Nathan Eovaldi went deep into the game as a relief pitcher.

The Red Sox honestly have a few guys on their roster who can long relieve (Steven Wright and Brian Johnson too), so it would be interesting to see if they ever did that as well.

But honestly, that's not what matters. Sale is back and the World Series is back on. That's really excited and if you're not happy about it, well then I don't know what to say at this point....

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