Celtics throw down some monstrous dunks in London

Celtics throw down some monstrous dunks in London

Celtics throw down some monster jams in London

Where the Boston Celtics are playing a game this week, they even pronounce the word Celtic differently. They pronounce it like “Keltic”--which is my ethnicity.

Regardless of what side of the pond their own and whether people eat hot dogs and hamburgers or tea and crumpets, they still had a basketball game against the Philadelphia 76ers to play. That’s cool. But you know what’s even more cool? Some of the videos that came out of the Celtics experience in Britain.

The Celtics did what exactly what England was missing. They dunked in the UK. They did some flippin’ sweet dunks, mind you. (I don’t know what the proper term is for the name of the place where London is a city, hence why I use all three). Anyways, check this out:



That’s some good stuff from Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown. They’re both talented young basketball players, who we are all looking forward to seeing play for a very long time. Here’s more:



But to answer your question, NBC Sports, no. I was not expecting anything different. You know why? Because I wasn’t expecting anything in general. I was expecting the Celtics to go there and play a basketball game. Maybe Al Horford’s sister would post a picture of them at the Big Ben clock to spite Lou Merloni for being low on Horford and Gordon Hayward would be upset he couldn’t make the trip. Other than that, I really didn’t put much stock into the trip other than it being another regular season basketball game of the Celtics.

But hey… it’s pretty cool to see those dunks and it’s good that they happened there. Maybe someone out in the England/Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland will see that video and grow up to be the next Larry Bird or Neil Armstrong or Dwight Eisenhower. It’s possible.  

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