Celtics narrowing down choices at 3, rest unclear

By now, it is pretty much accepted that the Boston Celtics have the third overall pick in this year’s NBA draft. It is unclear who they might take. But Austin Ainge, Danny’s son, seems to think they have an idea of who they might grab.

So how many guys have they narrowed this down to? About three or four. Get it now? The Celtics aren’t going to just give this one away and tell everyone who they are eyeing up.

The amount of rumors and scenarios swirling this team as the draft lurks are unreal. It is probably the most GM game ever from the media, going hard making suggestions of moves the C’s could make. We know this: they have a ton of picks. They’ll use some and they’ll deal some.

It is interesting to think about what the C’s could do. But think about it this way: no matter what they do, it’ll probably be really good. They had the third best record in the NBA Eastern Conference this past season. And yes, the season is over. It doesn’t matter that game seven of the NBA Finals is tonight. The C’s ain’t in it. And it’s not like Delonte West plays for the Cavs anymore.

The Celtics are saying they don’t know what they are going to do with some of their later picks — like 16 and 23. It could be their way of not giving anyone anymore ideas. But they’re probably thinking about trading those picks if they don’t know what they’re doing with them.

How do you draw that conclusion, @Tom? Because (your name), they don’t know. If they were going to pick, they’d pick. If they’re trying to deal, they can’t go deep into details because nothing is official yet.

To put it this way: the C’s put themselves in a good spot. And they’ll probably be OK no matter what.

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