Celtics keep winning

Celtics keep winning

Midway through December, something about the Boston Celtics may come as a bit of a surprise.

Maybe a lot of things do, but here’s one in particular: they have the most wins of NBA team. That’s right 24-6 through 30 games. No team in the league had more wins than the Celtics on December 14. That says a lot about the type of team they have.

If you didn’t know what kind of team that is, it’s one who is pretty great defensively. They’re 19th in the league in points per game and yet, there is an argument to be made for them being the best team in the league.

If defense didn’t mean anything, then why would Marcus Smart be getting playing time? He has only hit 32.2 percent of his shots this season. It’s not like the Celtics are bums who just need to put a body out there at guard. No. Check out his highlights from last year.

Think about this too: Isaiah Thomas defense was pretty, pretty subpar for an NBA player. I don’t think people can be disappointed with what Kyrie Irving has given the team on that side of the ball though.

The C’s have actually been a better defensive team with him on the court, according to Newsweek–and that’s why they’ll likely end up being the winners of the deal even if Isaiah Thomas does play some quality basketball for the Cavs when he comes back.

What should also make this exciting for the Celtics is the number of young guys contributing. As if Jaylen Brown and Jason Tatum turning in solid efforts was not enough, Smart, Terry Rozier, Daniel Theis and Shane Larkin have been contributing just about every game lately. That’s not bad seeing how they’re all 25 or younger. Let’s not forget Kyrie is only 25 as well.

So yeah, the Celtics are winning games and have a core that should help them keep winning in the future.

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