Celtics have youngins stepping up

12 games into the season is a wicked small sample size, but something we’ve seen in that short span should definitely be encouraging for Boston Celtics fans.

Yes. I get it. Losing Gordon Hayward was rough. It brings the Celtics down a tier in theory, but they’re still a quality basketball team. If you want a reason to feel optimistic, look no further than the points per game total. Specifically, take a peek at No. 1-4 on the list. It’s pretty encouraging for this team’s future.

First, you have Kyrie Irving because he’s Kyrie Irving. Third on the list is Al Horford. So who does that leave as second and fourth? Jaylen Brown (14.8 points per game) and Jayson Tatum (13.5 points per game). That’s right. Those two young guys have been huge pieces of the team’s offense this season.

With Hayward off the team, these guys are definitely being thrusted into a bigger role than the Celtics would ideally want, but it seems to be working for now.

Those aren’t the only two young guys filling in nicely for the Celtics. Former first round draft picks Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier are both 23 years old and have been pretty important pieces coming off the bench thus far. Rozier has played 24.2 minutes per game thus far and while Smart missed the first two games of the season, he has always been a big minute player for the Celtics–even when he’s not starting. His only problem is just taking too many shots for a dude who can’t sink ‘em.

Rozier was up to 17.1 minutes per game last year, so that’s a number that should definitely be on the rise. It might be disappointing for the Celtics to draft first rounders and have them not start but then again, it makes for some good depth.

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