Celtics have decent 2016-2017 Championship odds

The NBA finals are going on? Oh, that’s pretty cool. It’s not really relevant for Boston Celtics fans though. The draft is the next big event coming. To kind of paraphrase Bill Belichick, it’s off to the 2016-2017 NBA season. And there is reason to feel good about this one in particular.

It looks like the Celtics have some pretty good odds of winning the NBA Championship next season, according to odds makers in Las Vegas. It makes sense though: they made the playoffs this past season and were tied for the third best record in the NBA’s Eastern Conference (48-34).

Here’s a complete look at the odds for the trophy next season. Notice the Celtics have the second best odds among teams in the Eastern Conference teams. And LeBron James plays in the Eastern Conference, so that has some merit to it.

There is also a clear bias towards the Western Conference. And it is rightfully so because there are so many talented teams on that side of the country. But it feeds into the good old NBA is rigged theory that the Warriors look to be in a position right now where they could win three straight rings even though they have only won one in a row at this point.

It cannot be said enough: clearly the Celtics are on the rise. And everyone needs to get on board right now with this hype. They have those kinds of odds and Vegas has no idea what the Celtics are going to do. They are basically saying whatever the Celtics are going to do, it’s probably going to be pretty good. Now that’s some respek right there.

There is going to be plenty of talk of Kevin Durant in a C’s uniform. But it’s unclear how much of that is just talk. Whatever happens, they should be ready.

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