Celtics hater Charles Barkley FAILS at predictions

Celtics hater Charles Barkley FAILS at predictions

Love or hate Charles Barkley, he’s had some pretty bad takes as of late.

Let’s be honest, he has a pretty good reason to not like the Celtics. When he played in the league, the team was pretty, pretty good. He used to compete against the Celtics so he doesn’t like them (that’s an opinion of course).

The clown didn’t have much faith in the Boston Celtics in the playoffs this year.

“They’re going to beat ’em,” Barkley said on Sunday. “They’re just better with all the injuries.”

If you were wonder who he is talking about, it’s them. And by them, he means the Milwaukee Bucks. He thought they would beat the Celtics in the first round of the playoffs. He thought the Celtics were too beat up to hang with the Bucks. Are you serious? The Bucks?

Well, now he should probably roast up a crow and dig in because it’s evident he was wrong.

The first two games of the series went well for the Celtics; they chalked up W’s each time. Maybe it was a little too soon to say they were beat up, injured and all that. They won their game Tuesday by 14 points and Jaylen Brown stepped the heck up by putting up 30 points. Oh, and Terry Rozier added 23.That shows the Celtics have some guys who can step up when others are down.

Now, do the Celtics have what it takes to win a championship this season? That’s hard to say. Injuries might get to them there. However, the Bucks were a seventh place team this season. That means they’re like average maybe. The Celtics are still an above-average team, so let’s not hit them too hard.

After all, the C's made it this far so they must be pretty good, right? We'll see how they do moving forward. 

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