Celtics break down why they don’t like Ray Allen

By this point you could pretty much argue that Ray Allen was the Regina George of the Boston Celtics. It’s a fair point, except he wasn’t really the queen bee. But the attitude and all that, about as plastic as it gets.

By now, you probably also know Allen wasn’t the best teammate. Sure, people know Kevin Garnett was an intense dude–the type of guy you don’t want to play against–but Allen seems like the kind of guy you don’t want to play with. Could honestly say the same for Rajon Rondo too since they’re feuding, but ignore that for a second. Consider what some level-headed dudes said.

The C’s are still planning that 10-year reunion for the championship team and you know how Ray Allen wanted to be in charge of it and not invite Rondo? Well shucks, it looks like the guys are doing it and aren’t inviting Ray. You know why? Because they didn’t freakin’ like the guy.

Some former C’s had some interesting quotes on Allen during the “Area 21” thing on TNT, and they came straight from the heart.

Pretty much, the guys didn’t come out and attack Ray, but some of ’em didn’t like the way things ended and others said he was just a little bit different than the rest of the guys. Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins and Glen Davis were the dudes making comments if you were wondering. None of them seemed to care for him.

Perkins even suggested Allen could hit some of the guys up and apologize for the way he acted, especially the whole signing with the Heat stuff and not leaving on good terms. All the guys were calm when talking–not condescending in the least. Very professional about it. So the conclusion here is Allen was probably the problem child on that team. I was assuming it was Scal…

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