Cardi B and Lil Wayne are Red Sox fans

Cardi B and Lil Wayne are Red Sox fans

Not everyone likes Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and all of the other people who are famous who claim to be Red Sox fans.

Some of us want to see some more hip with the times or modern Red Sox fans. Or maybe, some of us just aren't the biggest fans of movies and therefore, don't really care about those guys. However, if you like hip hop, you're in luck--because two huge names in the industry--who aren't even from the area--are big time Red Sox fans, apparently.

The more recent one I saw that was surprising--especially having grown fond of her music as of late--is Cardi B. She grew up in the Bronx and yet, she is apparently a Red Sox fan.



In a video posted to David Ortiz' Instagram account, she explains it all. But essentially, she says that it's in her blood despite living so close to Yankee Stadium. I don't really think that's how blood works but, whatever. It's cool that she likes Big Papi because everyone should.

And then there's Lil Wayne. He's been tweeting about the Red Sox for a long time. He's the kind of guy who will tweet about them in April, so you know he''s hardcore. But yeah, his twitter feed has been loaded with "Let's go Red Sox!" and all that.



What's interesting though is people found out he was a Red Sox fan because in 2014 one time, he randomly tweeted "Clay pitched a good game". Now remember, the Red Sox were a last place team that year and this was in August. So basically, he's hardcore enough to be watching the kind of meaningless baseball you wouldn't blame people for not wanting to see.

Having popular fans like them could be good for the team too in terms of team popularity, so it's nice to see for sure.

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