C’s were hurting in the playoffs

By now you all know about Isaiah Thomas and the injury he was dealt in the Eastern Conference finals, but did you know he wasn’t the only injured Celtics player during that stretch?

That’s right, in addition to Thomas playing through getting teeth knocked out and then being unable to play for serious reasons, Avery Bradley and Jaylen Brown were playing through hip injuries. And in the words of the late and great pitchman Billy Mays, “but wait! there’s more.”

News broke this week that Al Horford (elbow) and Marcus Smart (back) were also dealing with injuries during the playoffs. Yup. Even more key guys were beat up coming into the most important games of the year. Sad!

You do have to wonder if this factored into their play against Cleveland and if it impacted what they were able to do on the court. Who knows how that series would’ve gone if the Celtics were healthy? I guess we never will.

But come on, let’s be honest, and this might be a hot take but that’s what the Internet is all about, but it’s kind of a good thing the Celtics didn’t make it to the finals anyways. I mean, let’s be honest. Look at the way that Cleveland played game 1 against Golden State. Gosh, that was a beat down. And the Cavs kind of beat the heck out of the Celtics.

So if we do some math–not factoring in the different styles of play and all that–you get some major blowouts that would’ve just been embarrassing for the Celtics if they happened. Plus, that report revealed the C’s were essentially lucky to make it as far as they did give the state of their team.

There’s always next year might seem cliche. But for the Celtics, there’s legit reason to be excited about a next year. They’ve got their chips. Now they’ve just got to use them to win a poker game.

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