C’s ‘n B’s ah playoff teams

What a time to be a Boston sports fan.

The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. Maybe the best comeback in NFL history. The Boston Red Sox are undefeated. Oh yeah, and the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins both qualified for the playoffs. Sure, a lot of people only watch one or the other but for those who watch both, it’s quite the feat. Even if you don’t watch or follow them, it’s still a feat when you multiply the odds of making the playoffs in both spots.  Only one thing to say about that.

The Bruins have been playing some strong hockey lately, good enough to secure a playoff spot a week before the season ends. In the previous two seasons, that’s when fans would start panicking because they were collapsing. Yeah, not here. And luckily for them, Brad Marchand’s spearing only keeps him out for the rest of the regular season. No future impact on that. But yeah, even if the Bruins are a one-and-done team, it’s still an accomplishment. It got the monkey off their back and could be foreshadowing for better results in the Bruce Cassidy era.

And then there’s the Celtics who ah red hawt.

You know what’s interesting there? Not seeing the Cleveland Cavaliers there. Sure, Golden State is there, but they’re not a threat until the finals for any east coast teams–and Cleveland had the upper hand on them last time around.

One still has to wonder how the C’s would match up with the Cavs in a full out series. For real, how would they stop LeBron James? Would need an answer to that.

Regardless of what happens, it should make for some entertaining times for Boston sports fans. Playoff sports and the Red Sox. What a time to be alive. What a time.

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