BYOV (Bring Your Own Veggies) To This Maine Restaurant And Earn A Free Meal

BYOV (Bring Your Own Veggies) To This Maine Restaurant And Earn A Free Meal

A twenty minute ride north of Portland Maine is the city of Yarmouth in Cumberland county. Here in this quiet town you'll find a unique and highly sustainable concept for a restaurant. 

Gather highlights the many local growers of fine produce in the area, many of whom are your own friends and neighbors.

The crew at Gather understand that many New Englanders enjoy growing their own fresh crops, and that sometimes there is just too much to eat, can, or give away.

In honor of these amateur growers, the restaurant offers their Garden Barter program. Every Tuesday and Friday from 11 AM to 2 PM, local growers are invited to bring their bumper crops or surplus homegrown produce in for restaurant credit.

Yes, you heard correct. Gather takes your backyard bounty and turns your hard work into fresh, delicious meals. 

This time of year, they tend to look for tomatoes, leeks, cucumbers, squash (smaller), and various lettuces, but they are also open to surprises. However, the chefs at Gather ask that you do not bring herbs, garlic, or oversized veggies.

Once you've received your restaurant credit, sit down on their lovely outdoor patio or in their rustic dining room and order a fresh, delicious item from their brunch, dinner or creative cocktail menus.

To learn more about the barter program or view their menus, visit the Gather website or follow them on Facebook for more mouthwatering photos of their locally sourced creations.



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