Bruins to play in 2019 Winter Classic

If you like seeing hockey games in football stadiums, then this one is for you.

The Boston Bruins will be playing in the 2019 NHL Winter Classic, according to WEEI. In it, they will be facing the Chicago Blackhawks… on the road in South Bend, Indiana at Notre Dame Stadium.

Fans around the country probably aren’t happy with this, but oh well. I say this because both of these teams have done quite a few winter classics, considerably speaking. The Blackhawks have been involved with them thrice, including once at home when the played at Wrigley Field in 2009. One year later, the Bruins got to host one at Fenway Park (they lost it in overtime). And then the B’s got it again in 2016 at Gillette Stadium.

But let’s be honest, there’s only one moment that really sticks out:

Not a fan of fighting in hockey, but that’s one the TV news around here loved. Any time a player gets a penalty for no good reason that hurts the team is just stupid.

Putting the 2019 game at Notre Dame Stadium brings up an interesting point though: college football stadiums have giant capacities. In theory, they could sell out over 100k seats in Michigan (which they did in 2014), at Penn State and Ohio State (remember: gotta keep this up north for ice purposes. Can’t put it in Texas where it’ll be 60 degrees on New Year’s Day).

And if you were wondering if the B’s have any Notre Dame connections, the answer is yes. His name is Anders Bjork and he put up 52 points (21 goals, 31 assists) in 39 games at school last year. That’s quite good. Bjork also has eight points (three goals, five assists) through 14 games with the Bruins as a rookie.

In case you cared, this upcoming Winter Classic, however, will be at Citi Field and feature the New York Rangers and Buffalo Sabres.

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