Bruins got themselves a goaltender developmental coach

The Bruins have some young goaltender’s who didn’t exactly have wonderful years last year. In fact, none of them really did. But, they could improve in the near future.

Yeah, they’re getting older so of course it would make sense to assume these young goaltenders will improve. Yes. The Bruins also got a goalie developmental coach though, something they never had in the past. His name is Mike Dunham and he was with the Islanders organization for over a decade prior to his tenure with the Bruins. As a player, he also spent about a decade in the NHL and played in 392 games. He was a respectable backup, allowing 2.72 goals per game in his career. Someone tried telling me he wasn’t very good as an Isles player, but that should make you like him more.

Having Dunham is better than not having a goaltender developmental coach, obviously. His enters nice into the organization probably won’t rejuvenate Malcolm Subban’s career. Safe to say he won’t ever be the Bruins future goalkeeper. It was hard to picture that anyways because his brother PK was always such a rival of the Bruins.

Dunham could, however, help Zayne McIntyre. He is still young enough where there’s hope. Plus, the Bruins have other goalies in their system (they have an NHL team) and draft rights to other goalies. What is evident though is that Tuukka Rask has been on the team for a long time, probably longer than anyone was honestly expecting. Five years from now, he probably won’t be on the team either, so it doesn’t hurt for the Bruins to try to develop his successor. It’s less expensive too.

Maybe if the B’s had this guy back in the day, then Hannu Toivonen would’ve ended up being the superstar we all thought he’d end up being. Player development is even bigger than talent alone sometimes.

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