Bruins finish the best season they've had in several years

Bruins finish the best season they've had in several years

Well, this was a hard one to accept.

The Boston Bruins are not the Stanley Cup champs this season; that distinction belongs to the St. Louis Blues. Congrats to them and their fans. It was a highly-competitive series and unfortunately, that was the better team when it came down to it in Game 7.

Goaltending was incredible for the Blues. Their defense was also lights out; they didn't let the Bruins get any rebound scoring opportunities into the back of the net. Nope. They were getting their sticks on virtually everything, it seemed, which ended up making the difference.

For Bruins fans, it's obviously tough too because the team lost in the finals back in 2013. There's been talk as to whether or not Tuukka Rask is a big game goaltender ever since and now, the haters can use this to say he is not--even though statistically speaking he is among the top guys in the game.

On the positive side though, it was the best season for the Bruins in about six years--which is something. A lot of people seemed to have had good times watching Game 7 with friends and family. Maybe there was a little alcohol involved, in some cases. It's America and people have that right...

The big issue now though is that hockey season is over and this is hardly one of those sports you can watch all year--unless your family is paying $19490420905305959 for someone to play in all these offseason leagues and all that. As far as the entertainment industry goes, there's not really any hockey options in July and August.

So yeah, what a season it was for the Bruins.

Hopefully they keep Charlie Coyle around because he's good and from Weymouth. That's a deadly combo when it comes to fan appreciation these days.

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