Bruce Cassidy is the right man for the job

So do you ever like criticize your favorite hockey team for making moves you don’t agree with? Whether it be someone getting x amount of ice time, trading for certain guys, not trading for certain guys, it seems as though many will always find reasons to give the teams they cheer for grief. It’s really a love thing, or a love-hate thing, or whatever you want to call it. Well, the Bruins naming Bruce Cassidy their head coach isn’t one of those moves you should go out and criticize.

The guy knows the system and how it all works. Lets’ just say you like Claude Julien and you think he’s a good coach. Well, then that’s great–because he worked under him, so he probably kept a lot of things (rightfully so) pretty similar. But if you don’t like Julien, remember, he’s not Julien. He’s Bruce Cassidy–and he got the Bruins to the playoffs after a couple years of tanking in the final week of the season.

It’s also important to remember one of the first things Cassidy said was that he felt like Julien went too easy on the guys at practice and that they were going to step things up a bit. When you have a team with some older guys on it who aren’t performing to standard, kind of like the Bruins were, then maybe that’s the way to go. I mean, it worked for Mike Sullivan and the Pittsburgh Penguins last season, so there’s that.

Plus, this will probably help the Bruins see where the real issue stems: on-ice personnel. They can’t blame Cassidy if the team doesn’t win a cup now. They’ll be able to see there’s some holes on the team, notably defensive depth, and maybe they’ll go out and try to fix it.

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