Brady’s back!!! And so is Ninkovich!!!

This year, October 3 took on another special meaning.

It was the day Tom Brady’s suspension was officially lifted and deflategate became a thing of the past. It’s the day Tom Brady once again became the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. And — this has been really overlooked but — Rob Ninkovich, Pro Bowl defensive end, also makes his return after a four-game PED suspension. Wow. Now that’s a nice boost for a 3-1 (fist place in AFC East) club.

In case y’all were wondering why I said “October 3 took on another special meaning”, it’s because it already had one.

Yeah… It was Mean Girls day. But Brady and Ninkovich returning is more fetch than that.

Seriously, this Brady return could not be coming at a better time. That Pats just got shutout for the first time in Gillette Stadium history. They were playing with a third-string quarterback, who was possibly injured. They have not been able to use Rob Gronkowski like they should and they’re still a winning team. Amazing. Now add one of the best quarterbacks of all-time to the mix. Yeah, there could be something special here.

Who the Pats got this week? Cleveland. Yeah… So this game should be a good warm up for Tom Brady. Not sure where he’ll be after a little time off, but you have to assume he’s still Tom Brady — until there is any other indication.

Does this mean the Patriots are the best team in the AFC now? Not going to jump to that conclusion, but it could be. They’ve got a lot of football left to be played.  Just watch it. Watch it and like it.

What else do we need here? Oh yeah, Brady highlights. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll see in these coming weeks:

Good to have you back, Tom.

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