Brad Marchand is the Bruins only All-Star

Brad Marchand is the Bruins only All-Star

If you like the Boston Bruins, then this is either good news or bad news depending on how you look at it.

The bad news is the Bruins, who are a good team this year, only have one NHL All-Star this season. That’s pretty painless, right? They got someone into the All-Star game and are on pace to make the playoffs. There’re bigger travesties in the world.

So the good news (depending on how you look at how much water is in the glass (half empty or half full)) is that Brad Marchand was selected to the All-Star game. The midwinter classic (not sure if I invented that but I like it) will take place in Tampa later this month.

What Marchand has done this season has been pretty impressive. Despite missing eight games, he is still the Bruins leading scorer with 17 goals, 23 assists and a team-high 40 points. Can’t really complain about that.

If you want to know how good Brad Marchand is, just check this out. Even former President Barack Obama, knew who he was, despite being a basketball guy and being kind of busy with work and stuff.

Some of y’all might be bummed that like Patrice Bergeron, David Pastrnak or Tuukka Rask weren’t selected to play in the All-Star game--and there might be a case for each of them. But hey, at least Marchand got the respect he deserved. Also, the league is huge and injuries are a possibility.

There could be more Bruins in the All-Star game this year--although you shouldn’t root for players to get hurt. Plus, it’s probably better that these guys get a few days off anyways--and not being an All-Star may make them cheaper re-signs/extensions.Gotta always be realistic, but putting a ton of stock in whether or not some guys make the All-Star team is frivolous.

What really matters right now is the Bruins results in regular season games.

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