Brad Marchand is simply the best

Here’s one I never thought I’d be writing…

Let’s play box score scout for a minute. Yeah, it’s not the best way to evaluate players, I get that. It drives me nuts in baseball and football, especially. But here, it makes the Bruins look pretty damn good, so let’s go with it.

Going off stats, you could argue Brad Marchand is the best player in the NHL. Yeah. That’s where this one is headed.

Take a peek at overall scoring and you’ll notice he’s tied for first in points with 76–or at least he was before anyone had played any games on Thursday. He was tied with Patrick Kane and Connor McDavid, and they were all two points ahead of Sidney Crosby. Hah, what a friggin scrub.

OK, so how do we separate these three dudes now? Well, Marchand also led the league with 36 goals scored. OK, he’s scored more goals than them. That’s something, ain’t it?

There is no denying Marchand is a great hockey player. Headed into the season, it wouldn’t have been surprising if you found out he’d be the Bruins leading scorer. Maybe it wasn’t what everyone expected, but it wasn’t a shock. But it’s honestly pretty shocking he’s at where he’s at this season–in a good way.

Obviously, Bruins fans want Marchand to keep it up and at 28 years old, coming off a year where he put up 37 goals, I guess you could say we’re enjoying Marchand’s golden years, and there should be a few more left in him.

You can also sleep a little easier knowing he’s locked up for the long term. The guy is signed through the 2024-2025 season. I aspire to own a home by then and have a verified pictogram or whatever the heck the next new cool social media outlet is going to be. That’s a long time from now.

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