Brad Marchand DESTROYS NBC Sports' Joe Haggerty

Brad Marchand DESTROYS NBC Sports' Joe Haggerty

When you think of big hits in hockey, you probably think of some guys bodying each other into the boards or punching one another in the face.

However, the dude who got buried the most by a member of the Boston Bruins this week was actually a guy who covered the team. That's right: Brad Marchand absolutely wrecked him on Twitter. Let's break it down:

So when the Bruins beat the New York Islanders earlier this week, Joe Haggerty, who covers sports for NBC Sports Boston, came out with this hot take of a tweet:

"What We Learned in the Bruins 5-0 dominant defensive win over the New York Islanders: Are the Bruins better without Torey Krug in their lineup? At least defensively there's an argument to be made".

Have to imagine that one did not sit well with members of the Bruins who think Krug is a good player. Marchand was among those who disagreed.

Here is what he had to say about it: "What kinda garabage is this dont even watch the games you just stand at the snack bar the whole time."



And yeah, Marchand's tweet absolutely blew up--because people love drama, for some reason.

But yeah, it's easy to see the point here: Marchand is on the team, so he probably knows a little more about what's going on down on the ice than the guy who is covering the team. Maybe Haggerty has some kind of inside baseball going on, but he also might not.

Also, to Marchand's point, the Bruins press box has more of a small dessert cart, but there are also pretzel rods, movie theatre popcorn and some candy. I guess that constitutes a snack bar. The healthiness of what they offer, however, is very suspect. But hey, it is free for the media, so that's something...

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