Boston's Best Bars For Beer, Wine & Cocktails

Boston's Best Bars For Beer, Wine & Cocktails

 We all have our personal preferences when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Whether you consider yourself a beer aficianado, a wine connoisseur, or a cocktail buff, the city of Boston has no shortage of bars to satisfy your tastes! 

If you are ready to sample the best of the best, Boston Magazine suggests the following spots - their 2018 Best of Boston winners.

Best Beer Bar:

The Publick House, Brookline

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Simply click over to the Publick House's homepage and you will see that their beer and food menus have racked up several awards over the years. With 35 different draught lines, beer lovers can enjoy local favorites from Trillium and Alagash as well as an ever-rotating sampling of the hottest craft beers. The Publick House also features extensive bottled offerings with a heavy emphasis on Belgian beers.


Best Wine Bar:

The Butcher Shop, Tremont St., Boston

It may sound like a strange name for a wine bar, but Tremont Street's Butcher Shop manages to balance both food and drink. The menu highlights meat and produce from local farms with dishes and wine pairings inspired by Chef Barbara Lynch’s travels throughout France and Italy. Enjoy a selection of antipasti and freshly-baked bread with your choice of more than 100 wines by the glass plus seasonal and artisanal nightly specials.


Best Cocktail Bar:

Blossom Bar, Brookline

Located within his parents' Sichuan Garden Restaurant, Ran Duan's Blossom Bar features trpoical, South American drinks that delight the senses and refresh the palate. Boston Magazine notes:

Tropical flavors, unexpected textures, and sugar-cane-based spirits drive the menu, with mascarpone cheese adding weight to the Bocadillo Sour, the anise-y Colombian spirit aguardiente mingling with papaya in the Angie Valencia, and a grasshopper rim imparting an element of surprise to the avocado-tequila libation Broken Spanish.