Boston Water Lantern Festival Happening This Saturday

Boston Water Lantern Festival Happening This Saturday

There’s nothing more fun than the events that take place in New England during the summertime! The Boston Water Lantern Festival, happening this Saturday, will bring thousands of people together for a fun and peaceful experience. Enjoy various food trucks, vendors, music entertainment, lantern decorating, and the lantern launch! 

This festival is an incredible experience where family, friends, neighbors, and strangers come together in one emotional and memorable night. You'll get to witness the beauty of thousands of lanterns reflecting messages of hope, love, and happiness on the water! 

This event begins at 5 pm and goes until 10:00 pm. Enjoy food trucks, music entertainment, vendors, and lantern decorating from 5-9 pm followed by the lantern launch at 9 pm.

The Boston Water Lantern Festival is committed to sustainability. Volunteers stay after the event to pick up all lanterns and to leave the community cleaner than when they arrived. Every lantern is also made out of rice paper and wood making it eco-friendly.

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