Boston State House Tour

Boston State House tour is a free-of-charge capitol tour that attract nearly 90,000 visitors every year – and for good reason. You can smell, and feel (but probably not touch) the history flowing through the walls of the building, and you can get this experience all year-round during weekdays. So, whether you’re living in Boston or visiting, a State House tour should definitely be on your to-do list.

The tours are conducted by the staff of the Tours and Government Education Division of the Commonwealth’s office and by volunteers familiar with the architectural and historical milieu of the State House. The tours are available to start from any time between 10:00 am to 3:30 pm and each tour lasts something between 30-45 minutes. Each experience leaves you a little more whole on the topic and values that have been preserved throughout centuries in the walls of the building.

The history of Massachusetts is clearly reflected within the atmosphere the building radiates – of culture, of diversity, and of knowledge. The marble-lined corridors are filled with portraits of characters important to the rich Bostonian culture, each with a story and contribution of its own. As you stride through the halls of the State House, you will come across many famous past personalities in the form of sculptures as well, with the most notable one being John F. Kennedy’s statue, which stands tall in the grounds since 1990.

You can also go through the legislative history of the State House during the tour, and even though it may not sound as such, it definitely is an integral part of how the Boston State House Tour retains its charm despite Boston being full of the craziest and wildest of tours. This extremely educational and toned down tour out here in Massachusetts is unique and special not because of any offers or attractive brochures and advertisements but because it’s been through every phase Boston’s ever been through and will continue to do so.

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