Boston’s Dining In The Dark Is An Explosive Experience For The Senses – Except One!

You’ve heard that when a person loses one of their senses, the others heighten in response. At Dining In The Dark located in Boston’s historic Hampshire House, you can discover just what that’s like. Dinner is a sensory experience you will never forget.

It begins as soon as you enter the luxurious Beacon Hill mansion. Once your party is ready to be seated, your host will hand everyone a comfortable spa/meditation mask that will completely cancel out your sense of sight. After you are safely guided to your table you will be served four courses of gourmet food – without ever catching a glimpse of your plate!

The masks allow you to hone in fully on your taste buds and savor the experience without the usual distractions of cell phones, decor and people-watching. But your taste buds don’t get to have all the fun. Dining In The Dark focuses on aroma and texture as well as just taste in their meals so that you fully interact with your food.

If you are picturing a dark and silent room with nothing but clinking silverware and nervous laughter for auditory entertainment, think again. Live musicians and singers fill the dining room with original music and a custom written interactive story is read to tie the whole experience together.

The entire event lasts about 2 1/2 hours which may seem like quite a long time to go without vision, but staff and former diners assure that the evening is so immersive, the time just flies by. At the end, your masks will be removed and the gourmet menu you enjoyed will be revealed to you.

Ready to give the Dining In The Dark experience a try? The next public event is scheduled at the Hampshire House for Valentine’s Day. Since the holiday falls on a Tuesday, they will also be selling tickets for the preceding Saturday February 11. Tickets are available on the Dining In The Dark website here.

All Images via Facebook/Dining In The Dark


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