Boston Pride’s Denna Laing Is Tough As Nails

Boston Pride is a Women’s professional hockey team in the newly formed NWHL. It’s long overdue that we give them some attention and I think if there is any women’s sport that can succeed it’s hockey.  Their games have been pretty exciting to watch and you could probably get to every game of the season for the same price as just one B’s game.  They play over at the Harvard Bright-Landry Center and tickets can be had here:

So down to the nitty gritty:  Denna Laing is a local girl, from Marblehead and plays for the Pride.  She was skating in Gillette during an exhibition game against the Montreal Canadiennes and she suffered a spinal cord injury after an awkward fall.  As of this post she has limited movement in her arms and no feeling at all in her legs.

She describes the day as “The Best Day Of Her Life” because of how amazing the experience was to play during the Winter Classic.  Yep, the day she fell and was taken out by a stretcher has been described as the best day of her life.  Talk about optimism and spirit!    This girl is “nails” and we are praying that she has a full recovery.  Get me a Denna Laing Jersey and get me one fast!  Updated:  Here is a link to her official page

Denna Laing - Copy

 (NWHL Photo)

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