Boston Foodie Tours

Boston Foodie Tours is a 2011 establishment that to date provides some of the most outstanding experience one can get while indulging in the Boston food scene. Like every other tour, it brings to you various stops to explore, new experiences to make and the sheer privilege to bask under the guidance of a knowledgeable and passionate tour guide –Audrey.

Audrey is herself, Cambridge certified in Culinary Arts along with being an accomplished home cook and the founder of the company. What she offers you is the most well bred mixture of history, culture, travel and food integrated into one memorable tour. Like her, not only do the tour guides in Boston Foodie Tours love food, they also know food and are themselves accomplished graduates of various Culinary institutions.

In the Boston Foodie Tour, you may find yourself travelling your way through small shops, to grand hotels, to cafes, diners, food trucks , bakeries, markets and end up in a food garden. The tour will let you explore into the history of that place and most importantly savor the taste it has to offer you. You get to also exclusively view the craft of food making and visit place old and hip in the neighborhood.

Some namely gems of the city that the Boston Foodie Tours takes you to are Beacon Hill, North End, Bo Mee Food Truck, Bacco’s Wine and Chees, La Burdik Chocolate. While some of these places shall give you a peaceful, meal in a classy ambiance, others may be a filled with customer camaraderie with those trying best to gain your attention.

So know the city and its food, and bring a date or two for the day to this tour. Your time will never go wasted at the Boston Foodie Tour!