Boston Food Truck Proves Life Really Is “Bettah With Bacon”

Sam and JJ, best friends since high school and owners of The Bacon Truck, “hold these truths to be self-evident, that all foods are not created equal, that bacon is superior.” They believe that “people are endowed with certain inalienable Rights: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Bacon.”

Those are some mighty powerful words for purveyors of a product that divides our country into those who sustain themselves on kale and quinoa, and those who indulge their inner craving for all things bacon.

The boys on The Bacon Truck serve Blackstone St. Smokehouse’s thick-cut, applewood smoked bacon prepared and smoked in South Boston – and they know just what to do with it.

When it comes to their main entrees they stick to good old American sandwich classics like turkey melts, BLT’s and grilled cheeses – with a few artisanal touches, of course. You also have the option (believe it or not) to add more bacon!

But it’s The Bacon Truck’s sides, sweets and special event items that really shine. There’s:

Bacon Scallion Hash (with sour cream and the option to add fried egg and cheese)


Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Hotdogs


Deep Fried Bacon Mac n’ Cheese Bites


Chocolate Bacon Truffles

Truffles on truffles on truffles #truffles #treatyoself

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Bacon Sticky Buns


And, for you crazy Nutella fans – Nutella Covered Bacon.

Three words: Nutella. Covered. Bacon. #preppin #nutella #bacon

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Plus, the guys always seem to be cooking up some off-menu creation, so be sure to ask what they’re working on when you see the truck! Now for the bad news. I know you are desperately craving bacon and ready to scour the city of Boston in search of the big pink truck…but Sam and JJ are off the road for the winter.

Don’t worry though, come April they’ll be back in business with new locations and new bacon-ified concoctions!

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