Boston Celtics giving fans a reason to watch

CelticsWith five games left in the NBA regular season, the Boston Celtics season is far from over.

Earlier this week, the Celtics clinched their spot in the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs. At the moment, they are the No. 4 seed and if the postseason were to start today, they would face the Miami Heat, the No. 5 seed. Of course, with so much time left in the season, that could change. But the biggest takeaway is that the C’s are in.

On April 1, the Celtics pranked the Golden State Warriors with a 109-106 win. And they followed it up with a 107-100 win over the Los Angeles Lakers on April 3.

At the bare minimum, the Celtics have nine games left this season (five regular season and at least four postseason). The way the season has gone, it certainly makes sense that fans would be excited for the playoffs — even if general manager Danny Ainge does not think he has a championship caliber team.

Like it or not, he is being a realist. It could be worse, he could be Aaron Carter, who is still trying to make music. Sometimes, you just have to know your limits.

To be safe, do not expect the Celtics to win a championship this year. But they could make a playoff run. They could make it out of the first round alive. Just remember, it is bound to end at some point. Even as the Golden State Warriors have dropped two straight.

The future in Boston is extremely bright though. And with more draft picks than roster spots in the next few years, the Celtics definitely have pieces to move.


That’s how they get ya.

This probably will not be the year for the Celtics. But they are on the rise — big time. The way they have been quietly rebuilding though, it looks like they might just be building a dynasty.

The Warriors look to be on the rise. But give the Celtics a few years. It might not be the Cleveland Cavaliers who are all of the talk of the east.

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