Boston Brew Bus

As spring Rolls into the Beer-bustling town of Boston, so will the wheels of the renowned Maine Brew Bus. This is Zach and Allison Poole’s award winning, top rated tour bus that drives through craft breweries, wineries and distilleries. Be prepared to enjoy the Maine Brew Bus as it becomes the  Boston Brew Bus.

The Maine Brew Bus which has continually been the No.1 tour in Portland, Maine, according to TripAdvisor, has driven well over 7000 people in their bright green bus within the Portland locality. Passengers on this tour are in the safe hands of a non-drinking driver, knowledgeable guides and – not to forget- lots of booze. There is even a variety to come back for next time around as the company provides several different tours varying in routes, time, places and surely the experience too.

Now, as they plan to plunge into the strong Boston market of over 40 breweries and brew pubs, you will agree that there is no place more ideal for a business like this to operate in. Beer always has and will remain a large part of the Boston culture and an insight into its production process is definitely something that would pique the interests of beer lovers in this town. Whether it is Jack’s Abbey, Aeronaut, or Monsoon’s Tree House Brewery the prospects that lay ahead are endless, one thing, however, is certain, the Brew Bus plans to attract both new and veteran producers of craft beer and more.

A targeted number of 20 partner sites for a visit have already planned, although the price and locations are yet to be decided. Reportedly, while one bus has already been issued for Boston, the planning process for the second one is already in place. Soon, we can expect to see three – like in Maine- or perhaps even more buses operating in Boston given the burgeoning local brew scene of Boston.

And as a respectful new entrant on the block, the Boston Brew Bus avoids major scheduling conflicts and respects the standings of pre-existing such business like the City Brew Tours. So, do brace yourselves for the next best thing to do in Boston.

Interested to learn more? Watch the following video to better understand this effort:


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