Boston Ballet

Along with other things to do and witness at Boston, Boston Ballet is recognized throughout the globe for its terrific performances, community outreach programs and world-class dance education. Today, it is one of the leading dance companies in the world and the largest ballet school in North America. The company is made up of about 70 dancers who stage classical and modern performances.

For the past fifteen years, the company is lead by Artistic Director Mikko Nissinen. In these years, the company has flourished to a great extent. With a significant increase in the Friends of Boston Ballet, the company has gained a large amount of fund for stage work along with educational and outreach programs. Nissinen and his team emphasized on carrying out the season performance every year in the Boston Opera House. This tradition has been on since 2009.

Boston Ballet has four sections- Boston Ballet II, other performances, the Boston Ballet School and the education and outreach programs.

  • Boston Ballet II is a group of ten to fifteen pre-professional dancers who show performances along with bettering themselves.
  • Other performances are usually held at the studio locations, community centers and in Boston Public Schools.
  • The Boston Ballet School has been running for more than thirty five years, and is, today, known as a world-class dance academy.
  • Five education and outreach programs are conducted by the Boston Ballet. These programs are to make sure that every interested person gets a chance to either watch or learn from the academy, despite any financial problem.

Known for its internationally recognized classical, neo-classical and contemporary performances by famous choreographers, they have been one of the best dance companies since 1963. So, if you’re looking for a professional classical ballet company, there is no better choice than the Boston Ballet. Watch a performance by their outstanding company dancers, or join the Boston Ballet School, or just get involved in one of their programs to have a world-class ballet experience.

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