Bocce at Boston

If you’re in northern Boston or plan to be in the area, then make sure you indulge in some bocce at Boston. Bocce is a ball sport that roots back to Ancient Rome. It can be played between two players, or two teams of two, three or four. Bocce is played with 8 large balls and 1 smaller target object or ball known as the jack. The basic idea of the game is to throw as many balls as you can close to the jack and the team that succeeds to do that is the winner of that round. The best part is you can enjoy this sport at Boston.

Though Bocce first emerged from Ancient Rome, it is now available at our very own Langone Park in Boston. A park located a little east of the intersection of North Washington Street, Causeway Street, and Commercial Street, Langone Park has three outdoor bocce courts that are located in the center of the park. The bocce courts are separated with beautiful strips of cobblestone walkways and each court has a good playing area of clay.

Join in a friendly game of bocce with new people at the park and if you’re more for a competitive game you have that option as well. Feel free to organize a tournament along with other bocce lovers or register for future bocce tournaments scheduled at the park.

If you’re someone who’s at the park just to watch the bocce game, there are plenty of benches all around the courts. If you’re in the mood to gaze at beautiful sceneries during breaks of the bocce game then the view of the Boston Harbor in the background is not going to disappoint you. So, if you’re in Boston, in the northern part or not, it’s time to pack your picnic baskets, wear some comfy clothes, gather your friends and family and spend a lovely afternoon at Langone Park for some bocce at Boston!

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