Bobby Orr offers high praise for young Bruins defenseman

Bobby Orr offers high praise for young Bruins defenseman

If you had to point to the greatest player in Boston Bruins history, who would you pick? OK. My guess is you probably said Bobby Orr and if not, guess again and come up with Bobby Orr as your answer. If not, just consider him one of the greatest players to keep this exercise moving along.

OK. So that means Orr's opinion has some weight to it when it comes to hockey. With this in mind, Bruins fans will be very excited to hear what he had to say about the team this week.

The Hall of Famer made a rare appearance on 98.5 The Sports Hub this week and when he was on there, he was asked which player on the team reminded him the most of himself. Now, if he were to just laugh and hang up, that would've been totally understandable. But no, he actually gave an answer. Here's what he had to say:

“I think Charlie [McAvoy],” Orr said. “Charlie’s got a little offense in him. You know with the Bruins, [Brandon] Carlo, was watching him last night, he’s up the ice a little bit now too, which is great. I thought the Bruins played really well last night. They deserved the win in regulation.”

Yeah. I mean, if someone made that comparison, you'd probably laugh in their face because of how absurd it sounds. HOWEVER, Orr is a good hockey mind, so his opinion has value. Now, this isn't to say McAvoy is the next Bobby Orr. That would be ridiculous, but it is nice to know that such a great player has some serious confidence in one of the team's younger talents.

Orr is the only defenseman in NHL history to win the Art Ross trophy twice so yeah, he has some credentials to talk hockey.

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