Enjoy The Fall Foliage At One Of New England's Finest 5-Star Resorts

Enjoy The Fall Foliage At One Of New England's Finest 5-Star Resorts

Nestled in the Berkshire mountains of Lenox Massachusetts sits Blantyre Manor. The sprawling 110 acre estate was originally built as the summer home of tycoon, Robert Paterson in 1902.

The home is modeled after the cottages Paterson loved from his mother's hometown of Blantyre in the Scottish countryside. It is one of the few remaining Great Estates from the Gilded-Age Era.

After changing ownership multiple times over the past 100+ years, Blantyre now serves as one of New England's most elegant 5-star resorts.

With over 15 different styles of rooms located on various parts of the property, a weekend stay at Blantyre will make anyone feel like royalty!

Choose from the Manor House, the Carriage House, the Ice House and the Old Bath House for a charming and unique experience every time you visit.

The property features a spa and pool area for maximum relaxation, but most guests come for the scenery. Blantyre is an ideal spot for summer hiking, fall leaf-peeping, and winter wonderland adventures.

The Conservatory Restaurant at Blantyre features the culinary creations of Executive Chef Jeremy Berlin.

Be sure to pair your extraordinary five course dinner with one of the restaurant's 7000 bottles of wine!

Best of all? Blantrye is for adults 16 and over, so leave the little ones at home and enjoy your romantic getaway!

Learn more or book your vacation now at https://blantyre.com.

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