Bills fans have beef with the Patriots

Bills fans have beef with the Patriots

The New England Patriots are ready–for the Bills Mafia.

Yeah, the actual Buffalo Bills are no problem. They pretty much haven’t made it to the playoffs in my lifetime, so there’s something wrong with the Patriots if they lose their next game. However, the big battle they face is from the Bills… fans?

That’s right. Buffalo might be too small of a market to have an NFL team with dirt cheap tickets that don’t even sell out because their team isn’t great, but the fans they do have are loyal–and nuts.

Just look up the videos on Bills Mafia if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t condone drunken idiocy unless it’s people rooting for Boston sports teams, so no share here.

But yeah, let’s let Devin McCourty explain.

“It’s not really friendly for us up there,” he told reporters. “You know, it’s fun, though. When we pull into that stadium, there’s nobody happy to see that bus pull in there. A lot of middle fingers, a lot of mouthing words because we can’t hear them on the bus – we’ve got our headphones on – that doesn’t seem to be compliments of any sort.”

Might as well have said; sorry losers, we’re too busy winning to care about your pathetic little lives rooting for a team that is pretty much the Cleveland Browns.

I can really understand why these fans are so pissed off–especially at the Patriots–they watch a team that never friggin contends. That would be awful. The 2012, 2014 and 2015 Red Sox were bad enough, but imagine like 20 straight years of that in football. It’s like the Patriots before they have Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady. True nightmare.

Even if these Bills fans are a bunch of (whatever you want to call them, just like mad libs), it still doesn’t change the fact that the Patriots are better than the Bills. Soorey.

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