Bill Belichick weighs in on Trump letter

The hood got political for a moment.

On Wednesday morning, a large media crowd gathered at Gillette Stadium to ask Bill Belichick questions. And, surprise, surprise, they didn’t really have to do with football.

Their big focus was on the letter Donald Trump read in New Hampshire earlier in the week, a letter he claimed was from the Patriots head coach. So Bill went ahead and weighed in on it.

So pretty much, Bill is saying he doesn’t care about politics. But he does care about his friend. He likes Trump as a friend the same way he likes John Kerry as a friend. And, as locals know, Kerry and Trump could not be much more opposite when it comes to political ideals.

Checking the Twitter feed (and Twitter search), some people seemed mad about the answer Belichick gave. Yeah, it wasn’t controversial or anything. Maybe it wasn’t what they were expecting to hear. The truth is, he could have gotten up and walked out of that press conference. His political views and personal life are none of our business. He’s the Patriots head coach. His job is a football one. And he reiterated that when asked for more details.


He’d probably rather be talking about football than an election. Even if he did have an impact on the New Hampshire portion of the election, that’s not his problem. It’s hard to take celebrity endorsements seriously because they don’t live in the same America as the rest of us. And that goes for either political side.

And who cares if he wants his friend to succeed? Do most people root against their friends when they’re trying to do something big? Hopefully not. If he were friends with Hillary Clinton then certainly, she would have gotten the letter instead, but he’s not.

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