Bill Belichick shows off his humor

Bill Belichick shows off his humor

Bill Belichick has them jokes.

You might think of Belichick just as the New England Patriots head coach and as the kind of guy who is dead serious all the time, but he’s not. There’s more to Belichick than football. For example, we know that he likes to go to Nantucket. He also eats food. He likes history. His dad coached football at Navy. And his favorite sport other than football is lacrosse. He’s not an underdeveloped character that we don’t know much about--it’s just we don’t know as much about him as we would like to know. Not to rant, but anyways…

So this week, Belichick was watching some potential NFL talents work out one month prior to the NFL Draft. He’s trying to find the guys the Patriots are going to take. Or maybe, he’s bluffing so he can trade the first round pick for a bunch of fourth round picks and draft the entire Rutgers defense. Either way, he was there.

Since he was, defensive end Bradley Chubb decided to introduce himself. You know, because it’s an opportunity to meet the greatest coach in the league. That’s a rare opportunity for a young guy--so he took it. And Belichick, well… just watch.



Would you expect anything else from Belichick? Classic. According to some site called “Land of 10”, Chubb is projected to go sixth overall. He’s a really good defensive end, and you have to appreciate Belichick being brutally honest. I guess we know the Patriots probably won’t be trading up this time around. But hey, shooters shoot, right?

It’s like if you saw (favorite celebrity) out in public. You’d probably try to talk to them, right? Have to respect this guy’s assertiveness, even if BB did shut him down. You can’t win ‘em all.

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