Bill Belichick rocks a cut off sweatshirt at training camp

Bill Belichick rocks a cut off sweatshirt at training camp

If a picture is worth one thousand words, then how many is a video of Bill Belichick rocking a hoodie with the sleeves cut off on the first day of New England Patriots training camp?

We'll probably end up dedicating around 300 to it, but it could go on for days. It's one of the best traits Belichick has going for him other than being the greatest head coach in the history of the NFL, of course

If legit anyone else did it, it would be such a weird move. If it's hot outside, one would think wearing a T shirt would be a good move. But no, definitely not for Coach B. And it's clear he's cutting these sleeves off himself. One would think someone would be able to do this for him or that someone would make them for him with the sleeves cut off. Granted, he'd look better in our apparel, but he does deserve some credit for having a sense of style -- even if not everyone agrees with it.



Now, here's a question: how does it make you feel when you see Belichick sporting the good old fashioned short sleeve sweatshirt?

The correct answer must be pretty good but antsy because it means it is probably NFL training camp time. This means the team is close to playing some games and them some more games that count, but it also means they are probably not quite there yet. The last part is a bummer for sure.

But expectations have to be high for the Patriots this year in the way that expectations are low for the Cleveland Browns essentially every single season. Granted, they do have Baker Mayfield (no relation to the Mayfield Mighty Mites of the Leave it to Beaver film), but the New England Patriots have Tom Brady so hah. The Pats win again.

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