Bill Belichick praises Brad Stevens

Bill Belichick praises Brad Stevens

Let’s just call this one greatness recognizing greatness.

That’s right, the best football team in the world has a great football coach named Bill Belichick. That guy looked across the sports world and offered up a compliment about another very good coach. Except, it was a Boston Celtics coach, according to the Boston Sports Journal.

“Coach Stevens is incredible,” Belichick said. “He always points out that the players are the ones who, regardless of the situation, have made this a special team, defying all expectations and adversity game after game after game. But he clearly is a driving force behind it. Coach Stevens is a phenomenal person, leader, teacher and strategist, and the job he does is a model for all coaches.”
Boom! What a quote!

That’s a reason to feel really good about the Celtics this upcoming season.
Although the Celtics season did not go as anticipated, one has to admit that is a comforting take. Hearing Bill Belichick of all people give a compliment is very cool. High praise from a man who has led the Patriots to five Super Bowl victories is very much a good thing. This isn’t a man who hands out compliments who hands these things out like candy either, he means it.

Just imagine what this guy is going to be able to do with a healthy Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving next season. Remember, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown will also have another year of experience under their belts too which is good.

It’s also great that these men seem to be friendly with one another because I don’t think John Farrell and Claude Julien were boys. I have no proof to back that claim up, but just a hunch…

Oh, and Farrell and Belichick definitely weren’t friends either.

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