Bill Belichick overlooked in NFL Head Coach of the Year odds

Bill Belichick overlooked in NFL Head Coach of the Year odds

Alright. What the frick!?

This is a load of bull spit. I can't believe that the NFL could be this stupid. Actually, nothing is surprising anymore with deflategate and all of that other stupid stuff.

But it's unthinkable how people can continue overlooking the New England Patriots when they've been the best team in the NFL for the past 18 years.

They are legit having the most dominant reign in NFL history and yet, they're not ranked No. 1 in everything. It's completely unfair, absurd and the people who keep doubting them need to have their heads checked because this is getting old.

So what is the outrage this time? I'll tell you. Look at DraftKings betting odds for who will win the NFL's Head Coach of the Year award this upcoming season.

This is what they give for odds:

Freddie Kitchens: +900
Frank Reich: +1000
Bill Belichick: +1400
Sean McVay: +1400
Sean Payton: +1400
Doug Pederson: +1400
Adam Gase: +2800
Pat Shurmur: +5000

You see that? Belichick is not favored or even the runner up? He's only arguably the greatest coach in NFL history and yet, he's behind two guys a lot of us have probably never head of in these rankings.

It's completely stupid. The Patriots won the Super Bowl in February and only allowed three points. What else are they supposed to do to get some recognition?

Honestly, it doesn't really matter. DraftKings seems aware that the Patriots get overlooked -- even though they're the best team. It's not their fault, but does show the issue which exists.

Ultimately, all that matters is that the Patriots keep winning football games. If the NFL decides to give some awards to some people who don't deserve them to keep things interesting, that's fine. I'd much rather support a team who gets Lombardi Trophies.

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