Bike to Work Day at Boston

Boston is known for its green efforts and initiatives. In line with such efforts, the bike to work day at Boston was organized and implemented as an effort to make people aware of ways to contribute towards a sustainable lifestyle. Bike to work day is an international initiative that was adopted to honor cyclists in Boston and to encourage others residing in the area to commute to work in this environmentally friendly way.
The event was held from May 16th to May 20th, during which the entire city was invited to bike to the City Hall using one of many locations within the Boston metro area. At the hall people were offered a free breakfast and an engaging expo as an incentive for participants. Those who were not accustomed to biking, could also join the party at the Boston City Hall and help improve the biking facilities within Boston. And the cherry on top was that there were so many people supporting the initiative!
People interested in the event could support it in many ways. Seasoned bikers had the option to become ride leaders leading a convoy of bikers to the City Hall. If biking is not your cup of tea, you could have helped as a plaza volunteers and welcomed the guests into the plaza and help organize the events taking place at City Hall during the day. People and businesses that were on the look out to spread the word about their brand could promote their brands. The event was a particularly good advertising opportunity for organizations relating to the sports sector.
Given that the event was an effort to encourage positive changes within the city through daily life activities, registration was free to make sure each interested individual participated. In case you didn’t take time out to participate in the bike to work day at Boston, you could support the initiative now by biking to work everyday. Plus if you’re bummed you missed out then make sure you’re on the lookout for similar events! 


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