Bet on an Alex Cora Red Sox managership

If we were taking bets, you’d have to bet against Alex Cora being manager of the Boston Red Sox in 2018 for me to take the bet.

That’s right. He was the first guy they interviewed of three guys (so far). Ron Gardenhire and Brad Ausmus were the other two considered for the position (so far).

Sure, Ausmus has experience with Dave Dombrowski. It was Dombrowski who hired him in Detroit. But his tenure there wasn’t great and he’s not familiar with the Red Sox organization. And Gardenhire is 59 years old (I know.. he looks waaaaaaaaaaay older than that), so you have to question how long he wants to stay in the game and how he would connect with younger players. There are exceptions to the rule, but John Farrell didn’t connect with his players, so maybe the Red Sox want to look younger.

Cora is only 42 and played for Terry Francona for four seasons. This might be his first year as an MLB bench coach, but his team is good–and he has experience as a GM and coach in Puerto Rico.

Speaking of which, Cora is bilingual. That doesn’t hurt at all. Plus, he worked with ESPN in the past, so he gets media.

Not to mention he was teammates with Dustin Pedroia for three seasons. And when people called for Cora to take Pedroia’s spot at second base early in 2007, Cora instead worked with the youngster and helped him win Rookie of the Year. That story always really stuck out as someone who is a good leader.

This really could be the Red Sox next long-term manager. I don’t think anyone was anticipating John Farrell or Bobby Valentine to this magnitude. Seriously, John Farrell wasn’t that good of a manager with the Blue Jays. He may have been a good pitching coach back in his day, but pitchers usually aren’t managers.

Oh yeah. One more point. There’s several teams looking for managers this offseason (Red Sox, Tigers, Phillies, Mets and maybe more), so why would he go to Boston? Easy. Back-to-back AL East titles.

The only thing he has going against him right now is his 1999 DUI and a 2008 arrest for failing to appear in court in 2001.  But then again, Brandon Workman is still on the team, so yeah.

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