Best Buddies Football Challenge

Best Buddies International’s Football challenge is your perfect chance to get a picture with American Quarterback Tom Brady, a signed football, and even a spot to play in the game, and of course, free tickets! Interested in becoming a part of the Best Buddies Football challenge?

The Challenge kicks off on the 3 rd of June, at the Harvard Stadium, where the audience will receive free treats, such as soft drinks, water, popcorn, and even ice cream! There’ll also be wine for adults past the legal age limit, but that’s not the main attraction – of course not. The non-profit organization is hosting this event with the help of sponsors like Pepsi, Santander, and Cold Stone and has two offers standing- both of which include free game tickets and at least two Pepsis. The paid $35.00 offer gets you a signed football, a chance to play in the game, and even a chance to get a picture with the famous Quarterback. Sound like a great deal? Well, you haven’t heard all of it yet. The funds raised through the Best Buddies challenge go to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of 200 million people with intellectual and development disabilities, and will help these people secure successful jobs, meaningful friendships, and a chance to help them learn how to live individually. Sounds like a win-win situations from all angles, doesn’t it?

So then, what are you waiting for? Go out there and help make a difference in people’s lives, and have yourself a great time while you’re at it. Again, there’s no pressure to pay since the event is free too, but the fact that you’d be making a difference in someone’s life by spending an extra $35 is worth giving payment a long thought. Visit their website for more details on the initiative.

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