Attend A Rockin' Adults-Only Slumber Party In Boston This Weekend

Attend A Rockin' Adults-Only Slumber Party In Boston This Weekend

You know you should go out this weekend, but the desire to watch Netflix in your PJs is just too strong. Why not combine the best of both worlds? 

Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art is hosting a fabulous First Friday Pajama Party to celebrate the arrival of March.

Not only can you mingle with fellow cozy-clad revelers, the party will include classic sleepover fun such as music, dancing and Mad Libs!

ICA's First Fridays are hosted by Harpoon Brewery, but there will be more than just beer for guests to sip on. Specialty cocktails will be served as you relax in one of the hottest new trends - a Danish hygge lounge.

The concept of hygge is derived from a Norwegian term for wellbeing, but has no literal English translation. Basically, it is described as ‘coziness’ or ‘togetherness’ and consists of socializing in a warm, comfortably casual setting.

If the draw of fine art, liquor and games in the most relaxed setting Boston has to offer isn't enough to draw you out of the house, there will also be a performance by the wildly popular synth-pop band Bearstronaut.

So break out your onesie and head in town to the Insititute of Contemporary Art on March 2 for what will surely be their most epic First Friday yet!


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